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The Ragmala project brings together Go: Organic Orchestra and Brooklyn Raga Massive “two of the most interesting bands in the USA” (London Jazz Times) into a synergistic exploration of Indian

classical music and American contemporary creative music.


The 27-piece orchestra speaks in a hybrid tongue that reflects the immigrant experience, with diverse cultures congregating and enriching one another in profound and surprising ways. While the music of Ragmala draws inspiration from the wealth of these

traditions, the resulting sound is something entirely new.


Using a groundbreaking compositional and spontaneous conducting approach invented by Artistic Director Adam Rudolph, each member’s Artistic Director Adam Rudolph, each member’s

distinctive identity shines through in a singular vivid tapestry of transcendent and harmonious sound or what critic Ian Ward of UK Vibes calls “a truly global, celestial, cosmic "world" music.”


Ragmala / Go: Organic Orchestra is a 21st century vision of a "future orchestra". Its multicultural, multiracial, multi-gender and multigenerational dynamic expresses a vision of our shared humanity. Musicians and instruments from India, Brazil, Japan,

USA, Canada, Cuba, Guinea, Argentina, Morocco and Bangladesh join together to create a realization of creative community in a world without boundaries; of culture as the vessel for

understanding, empathy and sharing.

Alison Loerke,
Artist Websites:
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