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Garifuna Collective


The Garifuna Collective returns with their third album called HAMALA*  ('Let him fly'), set to be released in early 2019. They’ve been cooking up new music in the studio since their highly-praised tribute album to Andy Palacio (Ayo, 2014 Stonetree/Cumbancha), experimenting with new Garifuna rhythms, recording concepts, and even some “organic electronic” music and dub techniques. The group intends with this album to break loose and redefine Garifuna music for the new generation while maintaining strong roots to traditional concepts and identity.


On this album they explore lesser known traditional rhythms such as Wanaragua and the semi-sacred Hungu-Hungu, and creatively juxtapose them with new melodies from the deep well of Garifuna songs.


The results are refreshing and prove that the Garifuna Collective are still at the vanguard of this long journey to bring Garifuna music to the world with their soulful and vibrant music. They deliver on the promise to carry the torch of cultural innovation and promotion, passed on by Andy Palacio, far into the future.  The Collective expands on the story of this fascinating community, who are actively engaged in retaining their unique language, music, and traditions in the face of globalization. 

The band consists of the best musicians in the fertile Garifuna music scene. They bring together the deep cultural roots of Garifuna music, mixed with modern grooves, arrangements, and instruments like the unique hand drums, the "primera" and "segunda", turtle shells and jawbones, guitars and bass. The musicians create a powerful energy on stage, building hypnotizing rhythms that form the backbone for the haunting melodies and powerful vocals that characterize the project. 



North American Booking:  Alison Loerke

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