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Zar Electrik

Zar Electrik’s music knows no codes or borders. This is the meeting of two friends

from Marseilles: There’s Anass Zine, with his mesmerising North African-
influenced voice and a range of traditional instruments (gumbri, oud...), and

Arthur Péneau, with his deep voice, adding hybrid African influences thanks to his

kora, which he mystifies with electric effects.
The connection with Miosine (Didier Simione) is a real highlight. He is the
last member of the trio, adding his knowledge and mastery of machines,

synthesizers, and electronic music codes.

The result is simply spectacular. Their music is rich and vibrant, a transcending
journey between the Maghreb, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the West.

Annass ZINE : Voice, Oud, Gumbri, Guitar, Carcabas, percussions.
Arthur PENEAU : Voice, Kora, percussions
Didier SIMIONE : Sound Machines, synthesizers

Alison Loerke,
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