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Malika Zarra

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Award-winning singer, composer, producer, MALIKA ZARRA is a multi- cultural shape-shifter, an enchantress who leaps effortlessly between seemingly unconnected languages and traditions, uniting them while utilizing each to further enrich the others. The exotically beautiful artist with the velvety, sinuous mezzo-soprano voice has demonstrated a rare ability to communicate both powerful and subtle ideas and feelings in Berber, Moroccan Arabic, French and English now a much-in-demand headliner at concert halls and festivals the world over.

“Morocco's Jazz Jewel. Singing in Berber, Moroccan Arabic, English and French [Malika Zarra] is redefining the term fusion and adding her unique sound to the world”

 - CNN International “African Voices”


"Throughout the evening, the cadences of Arabic and Berber dialects sat easily within the sophisticated arrangements, as did the modalities of the melodies. By the end of her set, the audience was thoroughly entranced." - Michael Shapiro, Huffington Post

"Blending the warmth of American soul music with tricky North African rhythms, intricately yet tersely arranged, jazz-inflected melodies and lyrics in Berber, Arabic, French and English, Zarra has carved out a niche for herself which manages to be completely unique yet very accessible." - Ludic Culture



 NA Booking: Alison Loerke

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