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JC Maillard


JC Maillard is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and arranger whose work with artists ranging from Angelique Kidjo to Toure Kunda, Jaleo to Lisa Fischer, Richard Bona to Sofia Rei has brought him to the attention of fans worldwide.


Raised in Guadeloupe and in Paris, JC has absorbed the musics of many cultures, and his proclivity to move around easily among many diverse sounds has made him an invaluable player and collaborator. In 2004 JC was moved to create a group that brings together his interests in the native Ka drum of Guadeloupe and integrating that sound with rock’n roll.


Thus was born Grand Baton, a flexible ensemble that can range from 2 to 6 in performance. As Grand Baton took hold they were asked to work with Lisa Fischer (20 Feet From Stardom, 2013), and that became his focus for a number of years.


His skills in arranging also brought him into collaboration with Argentinian artist Sofia Rei. Their showcase as part of Globalfest in Jan 2021 was a hit due to the intriguing integration of electronics with Sofia Rei’s voice and JC’s saz bass. He continues to collaborate with her as he also works on his own saz-focused projects.


He recently released a solo album Saz Blues featuring his saz bass, an instrument that JC asked luthier Herve Prudent to create modeled on the Turkish saz but with some adjustments to expand the range of the instrument. JC’s unique perspective draws freely on the many musical influences he has absorbed as he has moved around the planet. His music carries a subtle yet profound message, that we can all get along and play happily together, lifting each other up in celebration of the diverse ecosystem we all need to thrive.

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North American Booking: Alison Loerke

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