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Happy New Year 2022!

As we begin our next rotation around the Sun and despite the continuing challenges we face in our beloved arts community, there is much for which to be grateful. Sometimes the gratefulness comes from something as simple as witnessing a beautiful sunset (we've had a lot of them recently), or as rewarding as booking dates for artists with presenters that will welcome them with open arms into their communities. Wherever we fall along the continuum of this work, we start the year with gratitude that we are still here, with resolve to continue this important work we all are doing, and with blessings for all to have a most uplifting and successful year yet!

ALIA Prod is excited to welcome Isokratisses and Bedouin Burger to the roster. Isokratisses is a polyphonic choir (7-8 members) that continues the ancient practice of this style of singing from northern Greece and southern Albania. Recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece, this song form is at least one thousand years old, and developed alongside Byzantine musical forms of similar age. The music is passed down from family to family, and in its broader form is found in communities that span the Balkans to the Caucasus, from Northern Iran to India and even Indonesia. Isokratisses learned this singing since childhood from their mothers, aunts and other community members. The effect is other worldly, and we welcome you to take a listen.

Bedouin Burger is Lebanese musician Zeid Hamdan and Syrian singer Lynn Adib. Zeid is known as 'the pope' of the underground music scene in Lebanon, and Lynn is a former member of the Syrian Church of Our Lady (Damascus) choir. Lynn pursued studies in jazz in Paris, and has continued on the path to integrating Bedouin traditional music with jazz and the traditional religious songs of ancient Syria. Her exquisite voice and his technical skills will be showcased as part of globalFest 2022 - you can sign up to attend here:

As we all carefully navigate the next few months and transitioning back to in-person performances, please know ALIA Prod is here to support both artists and presenters in finding common ground and celebrating our diversity. We look forward to connecting this year!

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