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About ALIA Prod:


ALIA Prod is Alison Loerke International Artists, a boutique booking and management company dedicated to promoting world class performing artists.  We are committed to bringing musicians and audiences together via collaborative networks to celebrate and explore cultural diversity. We believe that each culture has something valuable to share with others, and in that process of connecting, we find the universality of the human experience, and ourselves reflected in the other. 


Music is our medium. It is through the practise of music that we learn to listen deeply, trust implicitly, and commit to showing up. Music is often a visceral experience, it soothes our soul, gives us hope, sparks our imagination, and invites us to wild self-expression. Music is powerful, and thus we face it with humility.


In organizing tours and events that celebrate music and culture, we acknowledge and are grateful for the contributions of critical partners in bringing these tours to fruition. We recognize touring musicians put themselves outside of their comfort zone all the time, and in so doing we wish to acknowledge their generosity of spirit to travel thousands of miles from home for weeks if not months at a time in order to bring their music and culture to new audiences. Our intent is to collaborate with generosity of spirit, respect and empathy for cultural differences, and reciprocity of goodwill in order to create a safe space for all to gather together. 

Alison Loerke: Director/Founder


Kaethe Hostetter Profile .jpg

Kaethe Hostetter, Independent Consultant

Kaethe Hostetter brings many years of hands-on experience in all aspects of the industry to her consultation projects. In building her groups QWANQWA and Debo Band, her experience ranges from booking extensive tours in US, tour managing, visa applications, logistics, and beyond. She joins ALIA Prod as an independent consultant to help secure dates for our wonderful artists - welcome Kaethe!

Frances Caperchi: Administrative Assistant

Frances Caperchi, originally from Rome, Italy, has been working in the arts in the US for over a decade. After a five year stint programming and producing outdoor public programs in Downtown Manhattan, she is now turning her efforts towards a variety of projects including tour production, programming, producing and artist services. ALIA Prod is delighted to welcome Frances to our team!

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