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Transitions at ALIA Prod

We are so proud and excited for our friend and colleague Chloe Powell who has recently been named Executive Director at The Chandler Center f/t Arts in VT. Chloe has been a freelance agent working with us since c2017, and a wonderful boon to our artists, bringing not only performances but residency opportunities to our artists in the New England region. We will miss her as part of our team, but look forward to working with her in her new role at The Chandler. As Chloe exits (end of this month) we welcome Frances Caperchi to ALIA Prod. Frances will be helping primarily with visa applications, but also various other projects as needed and as she has time for given her own projects in programming and artist services. Frances comes to us via Chloe, and I would be remiss not to acknowledge that Chloe came to us via Margaret Lawrence, reminding me how grateful I am for being a member of this performing arts community!

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