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In the Time of Corona

Like so many of our colleagues, we are awakening to a new world order of lockdowns, face masks and social distancing, increased hand-washing and meetings on zoom. After the initial shock and the slowly-dawning realization that our world has been turned upside down, ALIA Prod has been actively working to find ways to connect with our numerous communities, and to share information about resources available to all independent cultural workers, from artists to agents, managers, publicists, graphic artists, DJs, tour managers, lighting designers, drivers, and independent producers and curators of cultural works. One thing this pandemic has shown us is the critical need to acknowledge and recognize all of the members of the performing arts ecosystem. We have commiserated as we learn of the passing of some of our most revered musicians and cultural workers. But we have also gritted our teeth and decided that now is the time to imagine the world we would like to emerge into at the end of this pandemic. To that end we have sat in on innumerable webinars, brainstormed ideas with colleagues new and familiar, and set our sights on acknowledgement, recognition, and action to support our beloved community. So stay tuned as we move forward, we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Stay healthy, we need you!

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