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Garifuna Collective rocks showcase at WOMEX 2018 in Las Palmas!

Bastiaan Springer had this to say about the closing showcase: 'The absolute highlight of WOMEX 2018 was the closing concert by the Garifuna Collective from Belize. They played pure Garifuna music in the great tradition of the late Andy Palacio, pioneer of Belizean punta music, who passed away 10 years ago. This irresistible dance music was an excellent choice as the closing act for this year’s WOMEX. Everybody was dancing to this spiritual music and the extremely enthusiastic crowd even cajoled the band into an encore, which as far as I know, was the first encore ever heard at a WOMEX.' Read Afropop's full field report here:

Thanks to Charlie's Hunt for Sound for this video clip from Las Palmas featuring the famed Garifuna character Junkunu

The Garifuna Collective has a new album coming out in 2019, and will be touring the world, with dates available in North America during July-August-September. Do not miss this opportunity to have your spirits uplifted and set your feet to dancing all at the same time....

I have been working with this band since roughly 2006 and was blown away by what they pulled out of their collective hat that night in Las Palmas. Clearly they have 'upped' their game with renewed commitment and purpose. What a joy to witness, congratulations and much love to the entire team for that extraordinary performance.

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