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Djembe Master Ibrahim Saar

We were sad to hear that our friend and master djembe player Ibrahim Saar has been diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. The good news is that this form of cancer doesn't typically spread too quickly. The challenge is the cost of the medical treatment, currently estimated to be about 25,000 euros. Ibrahim was given two choices for treatment: one to remove the larynx completely, and the second to undergo extensive radiation and chemo treatments. He opted for the latter, as he doesn't want to live without his voice. The treatment begins June 2 in Paris. For those in Europe there is a gofundme campaign on FB to help raise funds to offset these costs. For those in NA feel free to reach out to ALIA Prod for the best way to facilitate your contribution to Ibrahim's medical expenses. No contribution is too small, and any contributions are very much appreciated. Lets show Ibrahim (in the middle below) how much we care! Thank you for your consideration of this challenge.

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