ALIA Prod Welcomes Chloe Powell

Hi, my name is Chloe Powell. I am a presenter in Barnard, VT at a farm-based music series called Feast and Field ( This grassroots event has grown into a world-class concert series, and has led me to some wonderful connections, most recently to working as a booking agent with ALIA Prod.

While I love and support my local artists as well, I've found that my rural community really responds to and is hungry for cross-cultural experiences. The interest in bringing more "world music" to my own community and creating connections with schools and communities has led me to this exciting opportunity to work with Alison.  I look forward to being in touch about these artists and about working together to strengthen our Network of New England Presenters and create more opportunities for cross-cultural connections in our communities. 

ALIA Prod & Mokoomba with Chloe Powell in VT

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