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Cimarrón is considered by Forbes magazine as “the band that takes the music from the Orinoco River Plains across the world”. This Grammy-nominated six-piece (Best Traditional World Music Album, 2005) delivers an extraordinary blend of its Andalusian, Indigenous and African roots, with a raw ethnic singing, percussive stomp dancing and rapidfire strings.

Around 38 countries on 5 continents have celebrated Cimarrón shows in well-known folk and global music festivals such as Mawazine Festival in Morocco, Malaysia Rainforest World Music Festival, Switzerland Paléo Festival, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage Festival, Førde International Folk Music Festival, Flamenco Biennale Nederland, Newport Folk Festival, San Francisco International Arts Festival and worldwide renowned performing art centers such as Japan Musashino Concert Hall and China National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

Their energetic and infectious music includes harp, four-stringed cuatro, guitar-like tiple and bandola, maracas, Afro-Peruvian cajón, Brazilian surdo, Afro Colombian tambora, ancient deer-skull whistles from the Orinoco River and all the power of the stomp dance that accompanies the music at rustic parties in Los Llanos (Colombian and Venezuelan Plains).

"Orinoco", their 2019 Latin Grammy nominated recording for Best Folk Album, is considered a cult album made with the greatest musicianship, acclaimed by The Recording Academy, Billboard, Forbes, NPR, BBC Radio, CNN, Newsweek, Songlines Magazine, Pop Matters.

Cimarrón earned 2020 Songlines Music Awards as Best Group in the UK after the last tour with massive audiences before the lockdown, alongside the acclaimed Welsh harpist Catrin Finch. The band also won Independent Music Awards (Best Instrumental, 2019), and the Transglobal World Music Chart (Best Album of South America, 2019).

Cimarrón means ‘wild bull’ in the Orinoco Plains and the band took this name as an allegory of freedom in music. Led by the singer Ana Veydó, Cimarrón is creating a modern joropo with a powerful new sound in permanent evolution.



Official Website: https://cimarroncolombia.com


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